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HOW DO PSN CODES WORK? Playstation Network codes consist of a 12-digit alphanumeric form that you can download through your PSN account to access certain products. Such codes can only be used once, i.e. you cannot use the same code twice. After entering the code, you can start downloading content to your PS console. In Playstation VITA version, first login to your Playstation Network account, you will see the REUSE CODES icon, select the icon, then you can put your 12 digit PSN CODE in the box and then select next. Additionally, we can provide you with a step-by-step visual guide in case you need help redeeming the codes. In order to activate your code, you must have an active Playstation membership on the site.


DO PSN CARDS HAVE REGIONAL LIMITS? You must have an account in that region for the store code you want to use. You need to open an account in a location that matches the region specified in the upper right corner of the PSN codes.

EMAIL INSTANT DELIVERY OF PSN CARDS To access PSN cards, click on the PSN package you wish to purchase at the compatible location and continue to pay with your email address. The product will be delivered to you instantly via the e-mail address you used when purchasing.


ABOUT US PLAYSTATION NETWORK CARDS - USA/AMERICAN STORE United States (US) PSN cards fill your Playstation Network wallet with cash, allowing you to purchase, download and install games, DLC packs, videos and music. PSN (US) Codes give you access to affordable or economical prices, you can easily access PSN Card (USA) in various denominations according to your preference.

HOW TO USE/DOWNLOAD PSN CODES? To use psn codes in your PS, note the following steps: Sign in to your PSN account and then go to PS Store on your home screen. Scroll down to the USE CODES section at the bottom of your PS store. Enter the code in the box and click continue. Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions of service. Use the code.

BENEFITS OF PLAYSTATION PLUS (PSN PLUS) MEMBERSHIP Playstation Plus is a membership package within the PSN store that can be purchased to access certain features. These features include ensuring that your PSN account has certain discounts on PSN products, such discounts may be offered by the Playstation Network on certain dates. In addition, PSN Plus members enjoy 2 free games each month. Subscription fees vary according to the length of the package you want to purchase. It's important to know that you need a PSN Plus account to access online multiplayer games.

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